Ann Brace

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

A little about me: I am a 30 year-old Canadian teacher with a love for travelling, languages, animals and wine. I also enjoy reading, hiking, coffee shops and being a social butterfly.

I'm from Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada, however I'm in the process of moving to Montreal, Quebec. After several years of teaching in Newfoundland, with a stint of ESL teaching in South Korea, while also juggling private tutoring, earning a Masters degree and travelling during my free time, I decided to take a year off to travel before settling into a new province.

With just my MEC 45 liter backpack and my bucket list, I set off to explore some more of Canada, the USA, Europe and most recently, South America & the Caribbean.

Back in Canada, I'm excited for my next adventure: moving to a new province and essentially starting from scratch. Eek! Stay tuned as I navigate the trials and tribulations of "settling down" while battling (and probably giving into sooner than later) my wanderlust.